Why ? What is the Purpose of this blog?

As of this writing, I have been living on this lump of terrestial matter swirling around a hot, boiling hydrogen furnance we call ‘the Sun’, for 62 plus years. (with each passing year, the plus gets larger…)

My wife, children and I have lived in numerous countries over the years and on three continents.   Within these pages are jottings, musings and ruminations that have been recorded over the years.  Some may be humourous, others may grant an insight into another world, a different culture and others, well, they are the reminiscences common to people over a certain age, and there may be the occasion rant – let the reader be aware.

I sincerely hope you enjoy some of what you may read on these pages.

Wishing you the best,

R & T


One thought on “Why ? What is the Purpose of this blog?

  1. Cleaning up bedroom and found a old Bethany Bulletin, with your Blog address. Excellent, brought me right there to the distribution in the Refugee Camps. Thanks Ric, thinking of you often.
    Robert (Marilyn) Reid

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