…continued from Kentsel Dönüşüm – “Urban Renewal”

With the Urban Renewal scheme, sometimes people can be reticent to leave their family home – rotten, weak and dangerous though it be.  All the other occupants are ready for the building to be torn down and be rebuilt better – but there can be a hold-out.

The ‘many’ focus on what will be, and endure the displacement and discomfort caused, until they receive their reward, a brand new, sound, safer and modern flat.

Sometime the ‘few’ may be more focused on what was, the memories created in the old flat, and be irresolute, loath to depart, unwilling to endure the discomfort and upheaval caused by having to relocate, even temporarily.  They eschew change – even if it is for the better.  For them the focus is in the past – not the future and it is very difficult, it is absolutely traumatic, when they are forced to leave.

We can look back, but we can not go back.

We can look forward, and we can move in that direction.

The ‘Urban Redevelopment’ that is part of following the ‘Way’ leads to a better, fuller, happier existence here on this lump of mud flying around the sun.  It is not easy.  It is not without pain.  It involves discomfort.  It results in great upheaval.

But the reward is worth it all a thousands times and more.

We can embrace it, with all the consequences that that entails, the discomfort, the upheaval, the difficulties, but, with eyes fixed on the goal, move towards that new, better, stronger, beautiful life that is the result.

Jesus said that He had come that we “might have life; and have it to the full.”

To enter into this abundant, full, satisfying, peace-filled life, we need full Urban Renewal – the replacement of the defective, the sub-standard, the dangerous, the rotted, and see built the new, the strong and the enduring.

The choice is truly ours.  We can look back, yearn for the ‘good old days’ (which in truth weren’t all that good) and pine (hopelessly) for that which is no more and cannot ever be again…

Or we can embrace the Good News offered to us, choose it and embark on a whole new life, looking forward…

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