(written June 2003)

You could feel the tension in the air. I stood stock still, eyes alert my pupils darting back and forth. I was fully in the ‘flight or fight’ adrenaline rush – but there would be no flight today, it was to be a fight.

I pivoted my body slowly to the right and spied my prey – a clever girl she was too, resting so confidently on the ceiling, well out of reach of the biped on the floor. Little did she appreciate the resourcefulness of the bipeds.

I flicked the towel, a skill learned in my youth and used with indiscriminate abandon in the pursuit of childish pleasure. The towel flew with the speed of a meteor upwards towards the ceiling, not very accurate but with great force. The object of my fury, sensing danger, immediately took flight. However the air disturbance caused by the towel meant that a miss was as a good as a hit. The resultant pass of the towel disrupted the air, she lost control and spiralled helplessly out of control finally coming to a halt on the bathroom floor. Dazed and uninjured there was still fight left in her wings – when my foot came crashing down – completing the job and bringing an end to the reign of terror caused by the little madam.

OK, you might think I’m taking it personally, but when they descend on you, buzzing in your ear, disturbing your peace and rest – well, it does becomes personal.

Amazingly, small things can have a disproportionate effect upon us.  How bad can a wee mosquito be?  Just one is enough to disturb your peace.  Just one, if it is carrying malaria is sufficient to give you a potentially chronic disease.  It can be easy to belittle the little things, but little things can be important and soften are, imprtant


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